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The Puglia Region has introduced the urban districts of commerce (DUC) with the r.l. 5/2008, amending the L.r. 11/2003, with the main purpose of promoting a comprehensive policy of development and support for trade to become an element of integration and social cohesion, development and protection of the territory and contrast to marginalisation.

The establishment of the districts (DUC) is today confirmed by the L.r. 24/2015 “Commercial Code” which confirms the applicability of the implementing regulation 15/2011

The DUCs represent a strategic planning choice to promote redevelopment and incentive initiatives that can enhance natural commercial aggregates, with a view to systematic collaboration between public entities (municipalities, chambers of commerce, etc.) and private entities (operators and their associations).

DUC TERRA DEL FASO, was created to enhance the commercial activities present in the area, supporting traders, promoting their initiatives and public events aimed at making the city more alive.

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Communication and marketing activities for the promotion of shopping in the town.


Cohesion and collaboration between companies, public and private persons for the promotion of the territory.


Promote local products and help the growth of local trade and tourism.


Improving public spaces through urban regeneration.